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All our software and Web Apps were developed with YOU in mind! For the NOVICE or PRO that thought they had it all.

Here you'll find Audio Editor & Recorders, Text 2 Speech Software as well as other innovative PC Apps.

See how our Software, Policies and Support stand out from the rest!

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Factors that pertain to all our software products...

  • Feature Set 1


    You get fast personal help/ support directly from the guy that wrote the code - not from someone that doesn't understand the software.

  • Feature Set 2

    General Features

    We strive to develop software that is easy to use without a long learning curve. Absolutely no adware, spyware or intrusive code.

  • Feature Set 3

    License to Use

    One-time registration: you get license to install on as many personal systems as desired. NO COST updates for the life of the software!

  • Feature Set 4


    All our software has been tested to be compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit versions}. Windows XP when noted.

Our most popular PC Software available for Evaluation:

Give any of these apps a test drive for a week - register (for a very small fee) to use them forever: get free updates for the life of the software!

Track Recorder

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If you can hear it - you can record it: no special drivers or configuration required.

PRO Audio Editor

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Over 292,000 users (at last count) can't be wrong! Try it - you're sure to like it too.

Master Audio

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Our newest Audio Editor & Recorder: includes 14 specialized tools.

aBatch Whacker

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Ever heard of a 'batch audio editor'? Perform editing, to many files, via one click.

Mind Coder

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Subliminal Message Player - using software technology to help get control of your life.

Text Speakster II

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Easily convert text 2 audio with this simple to use software app.

Our featured PC Software Apps offered as 'NO COST':

Sometimes the best things in life are free - you'll find that these apps will be of great value to you. No spyware, adware or intrusive code embedded.

App of the Month

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Join the 'App of the Month' club to receive a different software app every month.

Batch Renamer

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A very handy app to help you organize all those cell phone pictures you took!

Audio Magicked

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It's way more then just an audio player - bet you've never seen anything like this!


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Designed for folks with low vision or reading disabilities: simple to use.

Dup File Boss

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"Duplicate File Boss" will help you reduce your digital junk levels.

Data Guardian

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Encryption should be considered as essential in today's data sensitive climate.

A few of our Web Apps:

Learn to speak simple Lakota (American Indian) words, learn tips on getting your web site noticed. How about that Audio File sharing site?

Audio Sharing

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Audio files that are being shared with the world.
A 'Membership' web app.

Website Triggers

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Compiled valuable information to get you started promoting your new web site.

Lakota Speakster

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Want to learn to speak simple 'Lakota' (American Indian) words? A web app.