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we do legacy software

My definition of our "legacy software": a software application in which we have invested considerable time (years in some cases) and money (thousands of dollars) developing: has been 'time tested' by many users. Typically, legacy applications perform powerful functions that can not be accomplished by the newer cell phone and tablet operating systems (i.e. Android, Windows Metro and iPhone). 

Just being considered "legacy type software' does not always mean that the newest technology is not being implemented within the software source code. Here at 'Code-it" we're certainly on top of newer technology programming methods: most all our software has been coded to be compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 ready (32 & 64-bit versions).

In this day and age it's not particularly 'sexy' to power up a PC to accomplish anything: most folks are starting to think that "If I can't do it on my cell phone - it's not worth the time to do at all: why do I even need a PC and software anymore?" 

If you're serious about data protection, recording, capturing, editing or creating audio then you know the answer to this question and would be a candidate to use our software; if not, then have a happy life playing on your cell phone.

All our PC software is FREE of cost, ELIGIBLE for FREE customization, ELIGIBLE for our FREE exclusive re-branding service to the 'Membership'. 

Make any of the software be YOUR WAY!

Our membership concept is the closest thing to "Open Source Software" in the world. Actually - we think it's a BETTER WAY.