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App Help for "All Things Audio v.tfc4"


If you're looking for most any audio type software app then "All Things Audio"  suite (that includes 44 different apps) will most likely serve your needs. For those folks that "want it all"  - or with our new "menu manager" -  just choose the apps that you use often to keep it simple.

 Features and Policies you're sure to like:

  • All the software apps have recently (v.tfc4 - November, 2017) been re-coded to reflect "Microsoft Certification Standards". This was a massive project reviewing and changing if needed, 10s of thousands of lines of code - but it assures that we're not doing something that is not an accepted programming practice.

    • No app (exception is MP3 Normalizer) writes to the systems root, writes to or changes the Windows Registry, is coded so that individual users can configure the apps without Administrator Rights, and a bunch of other technical stuff revised.

    • I wish I could offer the source code as in "Open Source Software" but the truth is it (the source code) would not be of much use because of the many costly,  third party programming controls used.

  • No Nonsence License: Install and use on as many personal systems as desired . No  unlock key-codes needed.

  • NO Cost Upgrades: Version upgrades at NO COST for the life of the software (after the above mentioned revisions - estimated  until at least 2025). Get it once then use it for life.

  • Time tested: After over 7 years of developing, debugging, testing, improving and distributing most of these apps - you can be assured that they have been "time tested" by many users.

  • Compatible with Window Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 or 64-bit versions)

  • Secure: All this software is guaranteed to be 100% free of any virus, trojans, spyware, adware or any other intrusive code.

  • Ease of use: All the separate apps are designed under the KISS theory - easy to use with no frills - THEY JUST WORK !

  • Personal support: Get fast, personal support directly from the guy that wrote the code.

  • Option to customize to fit your needs: We all think to ourselves that "if only it did that" or "I wish it was this way". We offer customization, of our software, to make it be YOUR WAY. We charge a very low programming fee and sometimes even at no cost - all depending on the complexity. Check out the "Services" page then lets email and brain storm your project?