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CD Tools:

"CD Info" is an app that displays the capabilities of your CD or DVD Writer.

"CD Player" is well.. a CD Audio Player. Has the option to "Get CD Info" (via an iNet data base) - this replaces the tracks with the tune title instead of "Track 1" for example. 

Double click (or select then click the PLAY button) to play a track OR check the "Loop Play" checkbox (as well as what tracks you want to be included in your play-list) to loop the list and play one track after another (as long as the track is selected/ checked).

"CD Ripper" is a tool that will extract (rip) the tracks from an audio CD. You can rip individual tracks or rip them all into a target folder. Use the "Retrieve CD info" function to attempt to "read" the CD track info from an iNet data base.

Option to save the ripped track(s) as MP3 or WAV format.

If you would also like "ID Tag info" about the track(s) extracted - click the "Want ID Tag report" option button (applies to MP3 only). This will create a dat file (located within the target folder) that lists any ID Tag info the track may have embedded within.

the CD Audio Writer:

General Usage...

  • Insert a blank CD-R into the CD Writer Drive - the writer software will refresh and display the status of the disk.

  • Select what files to write via the "Add Files" selection button. Be sure not to exceed the limit that the CD-R will accept.

  • Options - apply the CD text (artist and CD label), set write speed, set writing mode 

  • Click the "Burn" button" then sit back and relax until you're notified that the process is completed - that's all there is to it!

  • Close application when done.

Modes explained:

AUTO = Default value. Selects the optimal supported (by the device) mode. 

TRACK AT ONCE = This is the first option that was introduced when CD duplication software was first created. With this mode, each time a track is finished burning, the laser recording the information stops. When it stops, two run-out blocks of data are written. After that, one link block and four run-in blocks are written when the next track begins to record. With track-at-once, you may burn both data and audio on the same disc. These blocks in between tracks are not a problem when data is being read, but you may hear a click on some CD players when playing back audio. This is something that may cause you problems if you are having your disc mastered and duplicated or replicated at a professional facility. In that regard, track-at-once is best suited for CDs for personal enjoyment.

SESSION AT ONCE = This burn mode takes all of your data, be it audio data or regular data, and burns it all to disc in one big block. No gaps are added between tracks, the laser never stops burning the data to disc. This is a newer feature, which should be an option in most modern CD burning software. This is the ideal choice for CD masters that will be going to a CD duplication or replication house.

DISC AT ONCE PQ = Some CD-R recorders permit "Disc-at-Once" recording to PQ format, in which the entire disc must be recorded nonstop.

DISC AT ONCE RAW PW = Some CD-R recorders permit "Disc-at-Once" recording to raw format, in which the entire disc must be recorded nonstop. This option is not recommended!

Data CD & DVD Writer - writes files to a CD as data. Many of the newer DVD players will treat a data disk (with i.e. MP3 file written to it) more or less like an Audio CD. Never the less - this is a way to archive any of your files no matter what format they are.