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Master Audio - Tutorial


Keyboard edit functions within the Editor wave form (if focus is on the screen):

  • Ctrl+A = Select All

  • Ctrl+X = Cut

  • Ctrl+V = Paste

  • Ctrl+C = Copy

  • Ctrl+L = Loop Play

  • Delete Key  = Delete Portion Selected

  • P = pause/ continue playing

  • F2 =  will play/ stop play a loaded file 

  • Alt+M = set a marker at the cursor point within the wave form

  • Alt+C = clear all markers that have been set within the wave form

  • A = will add 100Ms to a selection or if no selection is present will create one at the cursor point.

  • S = will subtract 100Ms from a selection - if no selection is present then will do nothing.


Hopefully you will never encounter an error but if you do - the following is a description of their meaning...

-1 = Invalid player
-2 = Not enough memory
-5 = The sound card chosen as the output device is not a compatible sound card
-6 = Invalid sound file
-7 = Invalid playlist file
-8 = A file creation failed (probably attempting to save a playlist file)
-15 = No Internet connection cannot be established
-17 = The EAX effects are not available on the current sound card
-18 = DirectX effects not available
-19 = The DirectX version is older than version 8
-20 = The last operation failed because no sound was loaded
-21 = The last operation failed because not available for the loaded file format
-22 = The sound card chosen as the output device doesn't have a valid driver
-23 = The given song cannot be used for mixing purposes
-25 = The Tempo change failed
-26 = The Playback rate change failed
-27 = The Pitch change failed
-28 = The given equalizer band is not available
-36 = The specified CD drive is not ready
-38 = The requested CD action is invalid
-41 = The specified CD track is not an audio track
-50 = The input device is not valid
-53 = The input format is not valid
-60 = CDDB server not available
-64 = The recorder is busy
-70 = Cannot assign a stereo sound to a mono speaker
-105 = The VST effect is not compatible with the current implementation of the control
-110 = The sound editor is busy
-114 = Player is busy
-182 = Cannot start WASAPI device
-184 = WASAPI device busy
-186 = The audio format is not supported

If you have any questions, comments or support issues - please feel free to contact the developer (the guy that actually wrote the code) for a fast, personalized reply -