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App Help for "All Things Audio v.tfc4"

Audio Players:

Audio Fader:

Prefer to have your play-list to fade in and out as it is played? This little app will accomplish that with ease. Just load a bunch of audio files or better yet a play-list - as the player loops the list it will apply the fading effect as you have configured it. As you can see from viewing the "fader setup" screen below - there are TONS of ways you can customize the traits of the "fade effect".

Audio Magicked:

This is way more then just an average ole audio player. May not look very 'sexy' - but you'll be amazed at how it's better then most all the rest.

Use to play your Audio Files, Audio CDs and Steaming Radio off the iNet: add effects to sound YOUR WAY.

Includes several powerful tools that you're sure to like.

General Features...

Supports ACC, MP4, MP2, MP3, M4A. WAV, OGG, MIDI, WMA, FLAC & CDA formats.

Options to add effects, EQ values or use the 'Sampler Player' to add inset sounds into the stream.

Great for slowing down music to play along with or making tunes sound YOUR WAY.

CD Player:

"CD Player" is well.. a CD Audio Player. Has the option to "Get CD Info" (via an iNet data base) - this replaces the tracks with the tune title instead of "Track 1" for example. 

Double click (or select then click the PLAY button) to play a track OR check the "Loop Play" checkbox (as well as what tracks you want to be included in your play-list) to loop the list and play one track after another (as long as the track is selected/ checked).

Play-list Player and Maker:

Just a very simple audio player that I personally use for creating "play-lists" to help organize what I want to play at a certain time. 

By the way - a side note - did you know that music has an impact on your mood? If you're depressed or sad play, and listen to, your "happy music" play-list. You can create play-lists to modify your life;-)


RockN DJ Player:


  • A very advanced PC audio player -  has options you won't see in most others!

  • Now supports WAV, MP3, M4A, OGG, WMA and FLAC audio formats.

  • Options to change the 'Temp Rate', Pitch Rate', 'Volume', 'Equalizer Values' 'Display Options', 'Add Effects (i.e. Reverb, etc.) all while playing in real time.

  • Option to load, save as audio files as a standard 'm3u' playl-ist.

  • Add any number of audio files, or a complete folder of audio files, into the master play-list.

  • Option to 'auto load' the play-list into the player decks.

  • Professional music slow down software, audio tempo and key changer software, audio transcription software, the perfect customized audio lessons creator software, call it what you may, but all of this - and a lot more - resides under the hood of RockN Tune Player.  Loved by musicians, transcribers, voice over artists, dancers, recording industry professionals, teachers, students as well as just us plain folks!

  • Use as your greatest "party animal", "musical enjoyment" or to slow down music to more easily learn to play along with, etc... 

Shoutcast Player and Recorder:

Simply a Player:

We call it "Simply.." but you'll find it's far more then that. Apply tempo, rate, pitch, effects and equalizer values in real time to make it sound YOUR WAY.

Wild Thing:

This is a very cool MP3 Player that allows you to insert music "samples" into the playing stream.

Lots of advanced options such as recording the output stream for future use, equalizer and other effects, etc.

Have fun playing around with this player and learn all it's advanced features!