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  • "A Lakota Story" is a story that is presented in the Lakota language as well as translated to English.
  • "Lakota hear It!" is a page that features the playing (by use of .mp3 audio files) of common words as well as phrases in the Lakota - Sioux language. This way, by hearing, the student can get a better "feel" of the language.
  • The "Lakota Translation" page is a dictionary of over 3300 words that are translated from English to Lakota. Includes Lakota pronunciation guide.
  • Lakota Language Syntax
  • Signs - introduction to sign language used by the American Plains Indians


Thanks, and credit, goes out to "The Greasy Grass" for most all of the graphics.

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Disclaimer: I am NOT a fluent Lakota speaker or translator so please do not email me for translations!