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In this 'me' world of todays culture - it often feels very rewarding to give back.

This software is being offered to you as 'No Cost' but just so you'll know - it cost approx. $700 in licensing fees (for 3rd party programming controls) plus over 400 hours of work hack'n out code and testing. All this effort has been done, more or less, as an act of love. By that I mean that one of my biggest passions in life is computer programming, software development and sharing my work with YOU.

So.. you may be thinking to yourself "What the heck does that have to do with me?"

I'm not trying to make you feel obligated to support my efforts, but just say'n - "If you might want to spread the Karma then it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!" You will also be helping to continue the development and distribution of cool software for yourself as well as all our brothers and sisters.
We can't depend on Google to be of any help spreading the word - they are only interested in racking up data; thus, income. Depend on Microsoft or any other big corporation for help - you got to be kid'n? WE HAVE ONLY OURSELVES (meaning you and me) TO SUPPORT ANY EFFORTS WORTH SUPPORTING!

How can you do that?
* Tell a buddy or three about this software - spread the word.
* Post a comment (hopefully good) on your facebook page, twitter or elsewhere.
* Make any suggestions for improvment - If worthy, I will most likely include it within the next version.
* Let me know how you benefit and use the software - it's a big help knowing.
* Join our Newsletter (link at top of page) for notice of version updates and "Free Software of the Month".
* And finally (yep.. I know you've been expecting this) - donate $7 of fuel to the development team...

A BIG THANKS for your time and support!
Have a GREAT day, mikeB