Wave MP3 Editor PRO & its Tools

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The 'Wave MP3 Editor PRO and its Specialized Tools' PC software contains NO embedded adware, spyware or intrusive code. Has been around a long time and has 10s of 1,000s of users.

By registering - you are entitled to free version updates for life as well as license to install/ use on as many personal systems as desired.

the Audio Editor & Recorder...
It has a "personality" of its own: designed to be, what we call, "polite": gently guiding you to shorten the learning curve. Get down to the "nitty gritty" with its clean interface and powerful features.

Now supports import of: AIF Files (*.aif) ASF - audio track (*.asf) AU Files (*.au) AUDIO CD - audio track (*.cda) AVI Files - audio track(*.avi) M4A Files (*.m4a) MP2 Files (*.mp2) MP3 Files (*.mp3) MP4 Files - audio track(*.mp4) OggVorbis Files (*.ogg) TXT Files [*.txt] - will convert to audio the load VOX Files (*.vox) WAV Files (*.wav) WMA Files (*.wma) WMV - audio track (*.wmv)

Supports export to: MP3 Files (*.mp3) OggVorbis Files (*.ogg) VOX [*.vox] WAV Files (*.wav) WMA Files (*.wma)

Specialized Audio Tools Included:

the Audio Recorder (records/ encodes in real time)...

Just some of it's features:
* will record form any 'record source' your system supports (i.e. microphone, line-in, stereo mix/ speaker output, etc...)
* no temp files created - saves/ encodes in 'real time'
* option to record to many supported sample rates
* automatically lists (for your selection) all record sources your system offers

the Batch EQer...

Transforms WAV, MP3, OGG, or WMA audio files to their "equalized" state: transform 1 or 100's at a time in batch mode!

This is NOT a EQ recorder but rather a EQ transformer - a faster method then you've ever seen before.

You probably have several equalizers built into your music players. But all they do is equalize the sound while you play a track. They can't EQ 100 tracks at a time for you. They don't create a new track that you can burn to CD or use as an MP3 file that's already equalized the way you want it wherever you go. So in short, other EQs equalize while you listen ONLY. This software creates all new files, 100 at a time if you like, to take with you and listen to anywhere you are and any time you like.

With other EQs, you have to constantly change your EQ settings each time you play a song or in each location that you listen, to get the full impact. Plus most of them don't have enough bands needed for professional equalizing. This is the only EQ of its kind that we know of.

If you're past 50 - most likely your high frequency hearing is getting worse. When you're young you can likely hear 20,000hz perfectly: 30, most likely hearing 16,000hz is probably down 3 to 5 db: 50 or over, your high frequency hearing is most likely much worse. With "Batch EQer" you can now boost the sound spectrum that you've been missing to as many files as you want - all at once in "batch" mode!

the Sample & Loop creator...

Helps you create a file that loops for a set amount of times. Option to insert or mix into the editor.

the KISS Batch ID Tagger...

Having ID tags embedded within your MP3,OGG, WMA or FLAC audio files just makes playing and managing your audio files more efficient and pleasant. This software has several advanced features that will make this task a lot easier - they are:

  • Use the "Set ID Tags to Selected" function to edit or place ID tags in your selected MP3 or WMA audio files. 

  • Use the "Set ID Tags to All (Batch Mode)" function to edit or place ID tags in all files loaded within the list-box. This is a GREAT time saver!

  • Option to drag and drop a cover art image you want embedded as a ID tag (OGG format does not support adding 'coverart').

  • Option to play any audio file listed/ selected in case you might need to identity the file title or whatever (or just for the heck of it;-)

the Timed Recording within the Editor...

Gives you the option of recording for a set duration (uses the Editor) - just click the "Timed Recording Icon", set the duration then click "GO". The software will recording into the Editor for the time you have set.

OMG! There's more? Yep.. we're just get'n started...

the Real Time Recorder...

A really cool audio recorder that allows you to record from any source your system supports (i.e. microphone, line-in, speaker output, etc...).

Records and encodes the file format in "real time": meaning it creates no temp files of any kind.It's great for building up your music collection by recording the audio from Youtube videos. iNet Radio, or any other source you might be listening to.

the Audio Format Converter...

Import most any format of audio files: export to WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC/MP4, AU and AIFF with selected sample rate values.
Options to apply Normalize effect, Remove DC Offset and keep any existing ID tags.
Leaves original files intact: creates new converted file within the selected target path.

the CD Drive Info...

Lets you know what your CD Drive is capable of.

the CD Writers...

The CD writers allow you to write your files to CD-R. Great for creation of "mix and match" custom audio CD's!
Create a Audio CD that will play on most any CD Player or use the data writer to back up your important files.

Simply An Audio Player...

the RockN Tune Player...

Have fun playing around with this cool player! Make audio sound the way you want to with its array of options/ functions.


* A very advanced PC audio player -  has options you won't see in most others!
* Now supports WAV, MP3, M4A, OGG, WMA and FLAC audio formats.
* Options to change the 'Temp Rate', Pitch Rate', 'Volume', 'Equalizer Values' 'Display Options', 'Add Effects (i.e. Reverb, etc.) all while playing in real time.
* Option to load, save as audio files as a standard 'm3u' play-list.
* Add any number of audio files, or a complete folder of audio files, into the master play-list.
* Option to 'auto load' the play-list into the player decks.

Professional music slow down software, audio tempo and key changer software, audio transcription software, the perfect customized audio lessons creator software, call it what you may, but all of this - and a lot more - resides under the hood of RockN Tune Player.  Loved by musicians, transcribers, voice over artists, dancers, recording industry professionals, teachers, students as well as just us plain folks!

the Playlist Maker/ Player...

Use to play audio files as well as create a "playlist" file for future use.

the Audio Overdub Mixer...

This is a specialized, high-tech, audio mixer tool that makes mixing or overdubbing audio files easy as pie!

While it's true that you can beat your head against the wall to mix files with an audio editor: this software just makes mixing audio files much easier and is a pleasure to work with.

Just some of the features:

* Cut and paste sounds ( MP3s, WMAs, WAVs) quickly and easy! Includes 2 independent audio editors.

* Each editor has the ability to record from any source your sound-card allows.

* Mix, record or overdub WAV and WMA & MP3 files as you will.

* Each deck/ editor has slider controls that allow you to set the temp and/ or pitch in real time (as the file is playing). Option to save these effects into the file if "Saved As".

* Has options to apply many effects to any file loaded within any of the editors (i.e. fade in/ out, normalize, amplify volume and much more...)

* Export mix as a single WAV, MP3 or OGG file.

* Use it for just an audio editor if you want - it does a good job of that too!

* There's just all kinds of mixing "trickery" you can perform with this software: mix'em up any way you want with other advanced features it offers.

Just some of what this "Super Mixer" can do for you:

* Load a master file into any of the editor "decks" then play that "deck" as you record in the editor/ deck. After you created your "overdub" recording - elect to mix into the master file. It's easy - it's fun! You can sing along with the best bands in the world: as the song goes "We all just want to be big rock stars..." and with this software you might just make the cut!

* Be creative and mix up your favorite tunes then burn to an audio CD or publish on the iNet.

* I could go on forever but surly you get the point? If not, then it's just not your "thing" I guess;-(

Some 'tips and tricks':

* Use the Undo and Redo functions to get your mix just right. This allows you to experiment with different mixing possibilities without starting all over again.

WOW! I get all this? But wait: there's lot's more...
the 'What-U-Hear Recorder...

Record anything you can hear! If you're sick and tired of having to find/ download and install special "loopback" sound card drivers to be able to record 'Stereo Mix' (output from your speakers) then this is for you! It was designed using the K.I.S.S. method: it's amazing how simple you can now record ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR SPEAKERS/ HEADPHONES! Disclaimer: works on Wins Vista, 7 and 8 only - no XP.


the File Chopper (uses the editor)...

This software offers several different ways to split files such as MP3 albums or any other large file into separate "tracks".
Of course you can also just load the file into the editor, select the portion you want saved then select to "Save Selected As" within the FILE Menu.

the Audio Converter/ Transformer...

This Audio Transformer allows you to convert most any audio file in 'batch mode'. Convert one or a hundred all in one whack!

Here are just some of the features of the Audio Transformer:
* option to convert one or multiple audio files in "batch mode": add effects, filters or ID tags too!
* supports export to WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA
* supports import of most any format of audio file
* option to select from an array of supported sample rates
* option to apply many effects/ filters: applied during the conversion process.
* option to add ID Tags and 'Cover Art' to be applied during conversion process.
* option to add (mix) background music within the original file. Also option to 'loop' the added file/ mix to create an "audio mark" so to speak.

the CD Player...

the CD to WAV/ MP3 Ripper...

the Audio ID Tag Editor...

Add ID tags to any format that supports it.

the Wave Maker

Create your own effects or bumper music/ sounds with this software.

the Album Maker (a function of the Editor)...

the Audio eMailer...

Personalize your communications! We all know that the human voice is a much better way to get your message across instead of plain ole text.
Use talk (with emotions) audio instead of "texting" with those stupid little smiley faces attached.
It's simple - just record your message into the editor then use the 'Audio eMailer" to send it on it's way!

the Text 2 Speech (converts text to audio then loads into the Audio Editor)...

This audio editor has the option to convert then load any txt or rtf file into an editor's "wave form".
It recognizes any Text 2 Speech engine you have installed on your system - which you have the option to select.
Also option to select at what sample rate you want the audio file to be set to.
Merely use the FILE > Open/ Convert Text or Rtf File menu item then select the file to convert and load within the editor's wave form.
You then have the option to edit, add bumper music or whatever you might want to do.
When ready - save as any audio file format and sample rate that is supported.