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Audio File Sharing:
If you are a musician, DJ, person that likes to experiment with mixing music, a religious Pastor or Priest that wants to publish weekly sermons, a speaker that would like to publish lectures, or just one of us plain folks that enjoys music - have I got a deal for YOU!

Share your audio with the world via our Audio Sharing Site: have your personal "channel" (category) and be able to manage your audio files 24/7.

For the small monthly subscription fee of just $2.95 per month you will get access (upload, delete, manage your files) to our file sharing site, allowed to host up to 2 Gigs of audio files at a time and be able to embed or link to your files off any web page (your FaceBook page, etc...).

No extra charge for bandwidth used or amount of audio files hosted as long as they don't surpass your 2 Gig total storage limit.

There are two ways to obtain this service: either by joining "the Code-it Posse" that gives this as a benefit OR to get a $2.95 monthly subscription via the below link. 

  • If we receive a report of any copyright infringement (audio files published that are copyrighted) we will have to comply with the request to remove if found valid.

  • We reserve the right to remove any published file that contains hate speech or any other content not compatible to the general public.