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Exclusive Membership Software

As just one of the benefits of "The Code-it Membership" - you are entitled to get and use any of this software (THAT IS PRESENTLY NOT OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC) at no cost (as a benefit). Please request download link(s) from I will either send you the download link of the full registered version or send you the setup file via a file sharing service within 24 hours.

Of course, you are also entitled to freely download and use any, and all, software that we are presently offering to the public: actually these are probably our most popular software apps. 

DISCLAIMER: please know that some of this software (particularly the audio type) is in some form duplicates (does the same things) or included within other software apps (i.e. 'What-U-Hear Track Recorder' is included within 'Master Audio and its Sidekicks' etc...).

Get with if any concerns or questions.

Here is the software that has been released in the year of 2017

Here is the link to ALL exclusive software offered to the membership + software offered to the public...

Shoutcast Player & Recorder - released to the membership 02.24.2017

What-U-Hear URL Timed Recorder - released to the membership 02.17.2017

Features that you're sure to like:

* Most all audio recorders rely on your systems' soundcard having the option to set, as the record source, to 'stereo mix' or 'what-u-hear' if you want to record streaming audio (i.e. the sound from *Youtube videos, etc.) As you know - most Wins 7 and 8 systems no longer offer this option; therefore, you have been locked out of recording sounds coming out of your speakers (streaming audio off the iNet). This advanced recorder requires absolutely NO such abilities of the sound card as well as no special drivers you have to deal with - IT JUST WORKS!

* Designed under the "KISS" theory - keeping it simple, but yet innovative and easy to use, was our main design goal.

* This software is designed to split a recording track at any time you click the 'Split Now!' button OR just act as a normal 'what-u-hear recorder' (Start/ Stop) OR set it to record music streamed from a iNet Radio Station (URL) for a certain (user defined) amount of time.

* It automatically records using a date/ time format as the file name; however, after you either elect to 'Split' or 'Stop' the recording session - it will rename the file name to the text you have entered in the 'Title' ID Tag text field (if you have set the Check Box to positive).

* Records to what ever audio format and sample rate you have selected (i.e WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA, etc.): the recordings are better quality then using the "stereo mix" function of your sound-card (if you happen to have this option) as it uses advanced technology (WASAPI).

* Compatible with Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64-bit versions) plus Windows 10 Ready. Sorry but no XP.

Programming Note: this app is similar to a "Timed Recorder" that I released a few years ago; however, this new version uses new technology (WASPI) to record any sound coming from the speakers instead of having to set the record source to "Stereo Mix" or "What-U-Hear" (values that most newer computer soundcards do NOT OFFER any more).

Mind Mapster - released to the membership 02.12.2017

Many people have heard of Mind Mapping/ Maps but simply have never evaluated the idea behind them – although probably the most revolutionary tool to assist thinking and learning in decades. 

Mind Mapping is the process of visually depicting a central concept with symbols, key words, images, numbers, rhythm, color and spatial awareness. Mind Mapping mimics the way our brains’ naturally work. It is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlocking the potential of the brain.

Let me be honest and forthright: this software is basically just a glorified graphics editor designed to create "Mind Maps" easily. It's not as fancy as some others offered but if you check out the cost of these others you may be shocked. But the best thing about it is - it'll do anything those others will!

This software will help you implement the uniquely powerful technique of "mind mapping". You might use our "Mind Mapster" software for numerous reasons:

  • to make learning come alive

  • to raise self-esteem and engage others

  • develop Cooperative Learning through group Mind Mapping

  • for Planning and Presenting

  • for Note Taking and Note Making

  • to help develop Creative Thinking

  • to dramatically enhance Problem Solving

  • to aid in Decision Making

  • to Brainstorm and enhance motivation

Compatible with all versions of Windows since 98

Image Steganography Coder: released 02.10.2017

Can you read (or detect) the encrypted text content thats embedded within the Mono Lisa image? No? Well, you can "write to" and "read from" any image with this software.

Steganography is a fascinating and effective method of hiding data that has been used throughout history. Methods that can be employed to uncover such devious tactics, but the first step are awareness that such methods even exist. There are many good reasons as well to use this type of data hiding, including watermarking or a more secure central storage method for such things as passwords, or key processes. Regardless, the technology is easy to use and difficult to detect.

Web Speakster Audio Publisher - released to the membership 02.06.2017

There's a lot to explain about this software so you might want to just download this help file to check it out...

And here's a demo web page message that was created and published by this software...

What the heck does this software do?

This is not to be confused with any of the popular so-called social media sites - but, rather a semi-private form of communications. 

Allows recording via microphone (or any other record source your system supports) or select a pre-recorded file to be used as your email audio message. Embeds the audio (MP3) message into a web page then uploads to your unique URL where the audio message can be reviewed: your message web page and URL (hosted on our server) are as private as it can be on the iNet (i.e. no web page listing it and available to the public like Facebook, etc.)

Gives you the option to send your audio message to one or 100's of recipients at lightning speed. Great for marketing, newsletter campaigns or use as a "keep in touch with family" thing ! 

Uses the email settings that your INTERNET provider has supplied just like MS Live Mail or any other email client software.

Has been tested compatible with all Windows versions since 98.

Phrase Manager - released 02.01.2017

If you use the same phrase in most of your documents (or emails) then this simple to use software will save you lots of typing. Merely name and save your text (can also add an image) then retrieve it at any time, copy to the clipboard ready to paste into your document. Consider this a "macro instruction manager" (a computer instruction that initiates a set of instructions to perform a specific task).

Stop Watch - released 01.15.2017

This is a simple "Stop Watch" that you might find handy to time events happening on your computer system. I developed it, mainly for my own use, as I found I was frequently timing how fast my code was performing (i.e. how long did it take to load a 1.5 Gig file into one of our Audio Editors, etc...). Maybe you have a need for it too?

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64-bit versions) plus Windows 10 Ready