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exclusive software & services for the membership only 

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The "Code-it Posse" membership was founded in early 2015 as an effort to give members several benefits that are "different then the rest" and to get users more involved with the R & D of software development. 

Some folks have joined up to get an array of software apps that are no where else available, some to take advantage of exclusive services and many to support me and my development efforts. 

Being a member entitles you to these exclusive services:

  • No cost registration to any of our "shareware" products provided to the public.

  • No cost download and use of any of our "exclusive software".

  • No cost subscription to our audio file sharing site - upload & manage your audio files to share with the world. 

  • No cost customization of any of our software - if we find it feasible.

  • Special discounted fee for "re-branding" any of our software - sometimes even at No Cost. 

  • Special discounted fee for the development of new software - make YOUR idea come REAL.

You have two options to join up to "the Code-it Posse Membership":

A yearly subscription at $19.95

OR better yet a Lifetime Membership for $29.95

I THANK YOU for your consideration of joining us - it's just a BETTER WAY!

If you have any questions, comments or support issues - please feel free to contact the developer (the guy that actually wrote the code) for a fast, personalized reply -