Software we offer to the public:

In case you're not familiar with our "Code-it Membership" - as a member you are entitled to any/ all software we offer FREE as a benefit: yet another reason to join up!


All our software is offered with license to install on as many personal systems you desire. The unlock code (if there is any) is NOT machine specific - meaning that all you need to do is to archive the setup file (as well as the unlock key-code) to be assured you will always have access to the software (i.e. after a system crash, to install on a new system, etc...). Version updates are ALWAYS 100% FREE from code-it - pay once and never be hassled to pay an additional "upgrade fee".


Wave MP3 Editor PRO...

It's much more then an Audio Editor - has over 20,000 registered users over the last 5 years or so - which translates to being time and user tested for sure!

Includes an array of specialized Windows software tools to create and enhance your digital audio files. Use it to bring out your 'creative side' as well building your audio library free and legal. 
Just some of the reasons for using 'PRO':

The Code-it Membership Exclusive Software Offerings...

Being a member of "The Code-it Membership" not only entitles you to get any or all of our software that is offered to the public but ton's other exclusive software - all free as a benefit. Just one reason to join up!