RockN Audio Tools

It's a "portal"/ menu type app that gives instant access to Specialized Audio Tools: including a very easy to use Audio Editor &  Recorders.

Just click on any of the tool buttons to activate that particular audio tool. 



Just some of what 'RockN Audio Tools' can do for you: 





Now, let's talk a little bit about how YOU can use YOUR rebranded version to promote YOUR BRAND...


But what the heck is "rebranding" you may be thinking...

Re-branding' is a term used, in the software world, to mean that the software - will be yours to do with as you want.

* at no extra charge
Using re-branded software to promote YOUR brand...
Today many on-line businesses are offering free software or e-books. Why? You may think this is madness but there is a great reason for doing so.

Companies offer free, useful, software as one way of building their brand and product awareness. To build a brand requires that the potential customers become familiar with the company's products. To create brand awareness and product familiarity companies will use any legitimate means necessary to put their brands and products in front of the buying public. One of the many ways to create familiarity is to give away free software to anyone who wants it; thus, putting your name "up front" every time the software is used.
Additionally, if your users like their software they may mention it to your friends who in turn will mention it to their friends, etc. Marketers know that recommendations from friends are one of the best marketing tools.

Another benefit of giving away free software is the ability to legally collect contact information in exchange for downloading it. Online marketers know that folks will gladly supply their email address to obtain their copy of your free software. In turn, the collected email address (mailing list) , will serve as a foundation for future relation building with the potential customer - via a newsletter.

Some may shiver at the invasion of privacy this poses but collection of information in the offline world is not so different. I was at the mall the other day and saw a similar way to collect contact info, a table was set up distributing free samples and allowing people to sign up in order to get a coupon for a "get $5 off" toward your purchase.

Reasons companies give out free software and/ or samples:
* to build your 'brand'
* intro of new product
* just to bring you into your store or website
* to get a new or regular customer to try a new product
* to collect contact info for future use
* as an incentive to buy something else
* as a bonus
* as a survey
* incentive to get your business
* to get you to come back 
* give away's to get repeat business
* new product - get free starter kit
* part of a loyalty program

Free samples are part and parcel in today's world. Restaurants, grocery stores, malls, movie theatres, banks and many other businesses give out samples as a way of keeping customers informed of their products and to keep their names in front of the customer.

How many of you have received pens, pencils, magnets, letter openers, flags, etc with the company name and logo on them? Online - it's the same thing. There are many reputable free software offers on the web: you can easily use this method to gain brand popularity!



 Using re-branded software to make money...
There are several way to make money using re-branded software. 

Some methods are the following:
* offering the software with no trial (no try before you buy), but with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.
* offering your re-branded software as "Shareware" (try before you buy).
* offering the software that has an embedded 'streaming ad browser'; thus, being able to sell banner ad placement into the stream.
* using your re-branded software to promote other products or services you might offer.
* use your re-branded software to gain "likes" on Facebook (or followers on Twitter); thus, creating a social following for future sales of your products and/ or services.

These are just common examples - use your imagination to do it "your way and remember - special price reduction is a benefit of being  joined up in the "Code-it Membership"!



Okay, so what is the rebranding fee anyway?


For a limited time period (we don't want to saturate the market: the price will rise after anytime we re-brand it for someone) we are offering you the low, one-time programming/ licensing fee, of just $850.00 (plus any added options or custom programming fees)! If you belong to "The Code-it Membership" take 25% off as a benefit!


Get with for more details or to start YOUR project today...