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A little history, about us, in case you're interested:

Code-it Software Solutions has developed 100's of PC software applications over the years - some were offered for free and others as shareware. Lots of them are available to 'The Code-it Membership' for free use and customization. 

We've also been a leader in 're-branding' audio software for others: several of our clients have been very successful distributing their re-branded software as either promotional items or for profit.  

Our main passion has always been developing audio, text 2 speech and security type software as well as helping folks know how they might benefit from these apps. 

We're now concentrating on the development of several new software apps as well as maintaining support for our popular "Master Audio & its Sidemen", "Wave MP3 Editor PRO" and "What-U-Hear Track Recorder". All are designed with you in mind: 100% FREE - powerful updated, with the newest technology, legacy type PC software that's simple to understand and super easy to use.    


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'Master Audio & its Sidemen' software suite...


It's 100% FREE of Cost, FREE of Adware, FREE of Trojans, Viruses or any Intrusive Code.

Disclaimer: Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 Ready (32 & 64-bit) - no XP or MAC support. 

Screenshots here... and More Screenshots here...

'Wave MP3 Editor PRO & its Tools' software suite... 


Wave MP3 Editor PRO: This has been our most popular Windows PC app ever - over 20,000 users can't be wrong!

  • Powerful audio recording features (including 'What-U-Hear' recording that requires no special sound card configuration or drivers)
  • Edit audio files visually Apply various effects and filters easily
  • Powerful noise reduction and enhancement filters
  • Easy to use and understand interface - gets you  started editing in just minutes
  • Real-time effect preview - apply it, see it
  • Easy to use bookmark system/ function
  • Supports a number of file formats including wav (multiple bit-rates), mp3, wma, ogg and many more
  • Easily edit Audio ID Tags
  • Split large audio files to separate tracks
  • Use the multi-featured Audio Player to play/ record audio in an equalized or enhanced state
  • Easily convert text to audio files
  • Includes tons of specialized tools - all wrapped up in this one application!
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64-bit versions) plus Windows 10 Ready
  • It's 100% FREE of Cost, FREE of Adware, FREE of Trojans, Viruses or any Intrusive Code.

Screen Shots..

'What-U-Hear Track Recorder'...



Do you rush right off to Wal-Mart, or use one of the 99 cent Music Download sites, to obtain the latest (or even oldies) tunes released?

While most of us are very leery to use any of the "peer to peer" music download software applications - knowing full well that it is illegal to download copyrighted music (not to mention that some contain embedded viruses) - did you know that recording music is considered "fair use", and as of this date, 100% *legal?

Think of all the money you could save (a penny saved is a penny earned) by putting in just a small amount of effort to obtain most any music you wanted at absolutely no cost. How much would you save, in say, a year? Instead of investing $.99 per tune - use approx. 5 minutes of your time to obtain the same result (a quality digital copy of the music you want).

 Features that you're sure to like:

  • Most all audio recorders rely on your systems' soundcard having the option to set, as the record source, to 'stereo mix' or 'what-u-hear' if you want to record streaming audio (i.e. the sound from *Youtube videos, etc.) As you know - most Wins 7 and 8 systems no longer offer this option; therefore, you have been locked out of recording sounds coming out of your speakers (streaming audio off the iNet). This advanced recorder requires absolutely NO such abilities of the sound card as well as no special drivers you have to deal with - IT JUST WORKS!
  •  Designed under the "KISS" theory - keeping it simple, but yet innovative and easy to use, was our main design goal. 
  • This software is designed to split a recording track at any time you click the 'Split Now!' button OR just act as a normal 'what-u-hear recorder' (Start/ Stop).
  • It automatically records using a date/ time format as the file name; however, after you either elect to 'Split' or 'Stop' the recording session - it will rename the file name to the text you have entered in the 'Title' ID Tag text field (if you have set the Check Box to positive).
  • The software will also set the ID tags after the recording is finished (again - if the Check Box is set to positive and text is entered into the ID Tag text fields).
  • Records to what ever audio format and sample rate you have selected (i.e WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA, etc.): the recordings are better quality then using the "stereo mix" function of your sound-card (if you happen to have this option) as it uses advanced technology (WASAPI).
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64-bit versions) and Windows 10 Ready - sorry but no XP support.
  • This software is offered 100% FREE cost of adware, spyware or intrusive code.

* Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer but it is my understanding that recording audio (or video) off the iNet, from sources such as Youtube, is legal as long as it is for your own use.

"Simply an Audio Player"...

This may be named "Simply an Audio Player" but it has very powerful and special attributes such as the option to set the pitch, rate, tempo, special effects and other stuff. 


  • A very advanced PC audio player -  has options you won't see in most others!
  • Now supports WAV, MP3, M4A, OGG, WMA and FLAC audio formats.
  • Options to change the 'Temp Rate', Pitch Rate', 'Volume', 'Equalizer Values', 'Add Effects (i.e. Reverb, etc.) all while playing in real time.
  • Option to load, save play-list: standard 'm3u' play-list format.
  • Add any number of audio files, or a complete folder of audio files, into the master play-list.
  • Professional music slow down software, audio tempo and key changer software, audio transcription software, the perfect customized audio lessons creator software, call it what you may, but all of this - and a lot more - resides under the hood of this Audio Player.  Loved by musicians, transcribers, voice over artists, dancers, recording industry professionals, teachers, students as well as just us plain folks!

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64-bit versions) plus Windows 10 Ready

It's 100% FREE of cost, adware, spyware or any intrusive code.


Master Audio: this set of videos demos the Audio Editor & Recorder of the software suite:

We're in the process of adding more of these videos - if you might want a video explaining a certain function or just need a question answered - please let me know!

Screenshots here...

Basic Editing

Applying Effects or Filters

Use of Markers

Add ID tags during the Save As function

Automatically Mark Tracks at Silence Points - Export Tracks (Save As Tracks Function)

Recording from the microphone

Recording any sound coming out of your speakers

Configuration of the Wave Form

Tips and Tricks:

Is Removing vocal from a recorded sound file possible?

Acquiring and adding 'cover art' to your tunes - why in the heck should I?

Setting the software to have 'Admin Privileges' and why I might want to do so...

For folks that have 'low vision' or just like a larger screen display...


Master Audio Sidemen: this set of videos demos the included 'Sidemen' tools of the software suite:

Screenshots here...

the App Runner

the Audio Format Converter

the Audio ID Tag Editor

the Audio Player

the Audio Stream Mixer & Recorder

the Batch Audio Transformer

the Beat Detector

the CD Player

the CD Ripper

the Text 2 Audio Converter

Wave MP3 Editor PRO:  Tutorial Videos & Screen Shots

Screen Shots...


Basic Audio Editing... 

Adding Effects... 

Recording Streaming Audio (i.e the audio of Youtube videos, etc.)...

CD Ripper...

DJ Player...

Batch Format Converter...

Text 2 Audio...

ID Tag Editor...

VST Audio Editor...

Setting the Record Source...

Record within the Editor...




Text to Speech Engines...