Wave MP3 Editor PRO...


There's millions (a slight overstatement) of 'Audio Editors' offered on the iNet for free. So - "Why in the heck should I pay a registration fee for this one?" you might be thinking.


Well.. it's not just an Audio Editor: includes an array of specialized Windows software tools to create and enhance your digital audio files. Use it to bring out your 'creative side' as well building your audio library free and legal. 


You'll find it's a much better value than anything you'll find for free and it's less then 28 bucks to boot!



Just some of the reasons for using 'PRO':

  • Powerful audio recording features (including 'What-U-Hear' recording that requires no special sound card configuration or drivers)

  • Edit audio files visually Apply various effects and filters easily

  • Powerful noise reduction and enhancement filters

  • Easy to use and understand interface - gets you  started editing in just minutes

  • Real-time effect preview - apply it, see it

  • Easy to use bookmark system/ function

  • Supports a number of file formats including wav (multiple codecs), mp3, wma, ogg and many more

  • Easily edit Audio ID Tags

  • Split large audio files to separate tracks

  • Use the multi-featured Audio Player to play/ record audio in an equalized or enhanced state

  • Easily convert text to audio files

  • You'll get fast, personalized, support directly from the developer

  • Here's a few Tutorial Videos you might want to take a look at...


Get it here...